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WaterCoin Crypto Currency "Every Drop Counts"

Updated: Apr 4

What big problems do block chains try to solve?

WaterCoin “Life” try to solve the biggest problem that faces all of humanity. The scarcity of clean drinking water is the biggest threat to our way of life. It far exceeds the current pandemic. I would like to see everyone everywhere try to solve the problem of clean water scarcity by developing a global cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for clean drinking water. Each WaterCoin would be worth its value in water and neutral emissions. To mine the coins into existence businesses can develop new environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to purify water, build sanitation facilities in communities that need them, and provide hygienic supplies to those in need of them.

The businesses get WaterCoins for helping invent and implement ways to improve a community’s quality of life and the communities that need help receive it. Big data analytic companies can help determine who needs what the most and when. This could be the largest public works ever implemented and would take a world government to coordinate and regulate. The WaterCoin could be exchanged for other goods and services that would be water and emissions neutral. If a person wants a hamburger then it would cost the equivalent amount of WaterCoins that it took to create and deliver that hamburger in terms of water and emissions.

That's the gist of it. With the complete and total collapse of all fiat currencies around the world due to the lock-downs caused by the pandemic and the need for a new digital currency that contributes value to everyone and everything involved in its development and use, I think backing it with clean water by renewable energy is the way everyone benefits. During the lock-downs we're all going through or soon to go through would be a good time for people to become educated on the environmental impact corporate waste causes and its effects on those less fortunate that don't have the leverage to fight against corrupt corporate lobbyists and their influence on our current system.

Everyone's social media is unique to them and their beliefs. Maybe there could be a way to sway public opinion towards the greater good instead of egotistical self-interests there would be a good chance everyone will demand for this to happen after they've had time for introspection and self-reflection in social isolation. Everyone has a voice on an equal and level playing field here online. Hopefully our short-term social division will bring about long term unification for all life, as all life is sacred and deserves/ needs to be treated as such. With data analytics and AI that unification can be achieved now easier than ever before if we wanted it to be.

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